Meet the Therapist

William Mukes Jr., LMFT

I've taken an unconventional but very interesting path towards the field mental health and walking alongside of hurting, fearful, anxious, curious and wandering people. With 20+ years of service in the United States Air Force and more than a few years of playing basketball in college and the Air Force I wouldn't change a thing.

With an undergrad degree in Business Management and a Master's degree in Marriage & Family Therapy I discovered it's not easy to jungle a Marriage with 3 kids, Active Duty Military commitments, two Internships, Master's level course work and Bible Study classes.

Carla & I have been married for 33 years now and with all three adult children on their own now and doing considerably well in spite of what we didn't know as a young married couple raising kids......... God saw fit to carry us through it all! My philosophy and approach to Therapy has been largely influenced by the relationship God has allowed my to share with my wife and how it's shaped me to become a better Man, Father, Listener, Therapist but most of all Spiritual Leader in our Household.

Marriage and Family Therapist