Progress Counseling Services, LLC. Established Oct 17th 2012 was created with a desire to serve those in need of a practical ways to process things we think, say or do for the sake of producing effective outcomes. Our approach or attitude towards healthy functioning is one which believes most people desire to be in a healthy relationship with themselves and others.

Genuinely most individuals know exactly what they should do but struggle with knowing how to apply or implement what right or appropriate in the moment or circumstance. Implementing a systematic way of examining our thought processes before, during or after a behavior or comment has been made can provide feedback for future adjustment or mindset adaptations. What you can expect to receive from Process To Progress Counseling Services is a faith based view with practical insights on how to comprehend how unproductive thought processes produce ineffective or unhealthy relating with yourself and others.

If you desire to trade-in being stuck on a path of confusion and stinking thinking for highway towards clarity and healthy functioning, learn more about Process To Progress Counseling Services, LLC and developing/enhancing your mindset towards things that make a meaningful difference.

William Mukes Jr., LMFT

Marriage and Family Therapist